Travel Video Training

Creating an effective online travel video campaign takes planning and strategic implementation. Here at Travizeo we work closely with your travel video’s analytics and key target audience to successfully create engagement and conversion. Working with bloggers, tweeters and travel taste makers to make sure your video lands in the correct inbox every time. In other words… plant the video and let it grow. Plant it in the wrong soil, and you’ll have nothing to harvest.

The objective of any viral campaign is to spread the word about your video. To inspire your viewers to circulate the video among their friends and co-workers. In order to get this process started, it is necessary to have a wide variety of people become aware of it’s existence and feel the desire to pass it along to others.

At Travizeo we work with your existing network of audience across the social and marketing platforms to gain the organic spread of your videos. We have long standing relationships with many social movers, shakers, bloggers and tweeters who, when matched up correctly, just love to talk about your video to their thousands of followers.

Creativity is key to giving your campaign legs and keeping your service or destination at the forefront of people’s minds. We creatively craft your objectives into shareable goodness allowing your search ranking, click through rates and conversion to grow organically and exponentially.

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