Greg Brand

Creative Director
I get the chance to pursue my passion for filming as well as travel to some of the most beautiful locations, meet some inspiring people, and then work with our sensational team to create visual stories for the most forward thinking travel brands out there. Whatʼs not to love? My role at Travizeo is primarily as a cameraman, editor and director but I constantly find myself delving deeper into the world of search, online marketing and loads of other social seeding goodness. Iʼm a bit of a geek at heart and the fast pace at which our industry develops drives me to stay on top of trends, new technology and VSEO movements. It can be a daunting task but I enjoy every minute of it!

Favourite destination so far Antigua, Morocco.
Bucket list destinations Yellowstone, anywhere along the Amazon and having few months to explore South America.
Traveling playlist Fokofpolisiekar, Beirut, Pink Floyd and The Doors.

Carole Charreteur

Producer / Editor
Keeping up with day to day tasks and making sure the team are focused on who is doing what is a full time job. During our production stages I am a camerawoman and producer, liaising with marketing managers, resort managers and staff to ensure that the shoots run smoothly for the Travizeo team. Once that job is done I slip on my account directors hat to make sure deadlines are met, clients are happy and all the paper work is in order. I even get to do some editing from time to time and this has taught me so much about the work that we do, why we do it and how it benefits our wonderful clients.

Favourite destination so far  Morocco, Amsterdam, French Alps.
Bucket list destinations Canada, Alaska, Hong Kong, Namibia
Travelling playlist Frank Sinatra, Beirut, Florence + the Machine.


Richard Szkiler

Director in Charge of Latin America
Prior to establishing the Travizeo Office in Buenos Aires, I filmed and directed for various charities, companies and philanthropic organisations in Sierra Leone and England, after-which I moved to Argentina where I worked at one of Latin America’s largest web media companies, producing videos for fortune 500 companies with the former designer of Apple’s Final Cut Pro and OSX interfaces. It was here that I soon realised there was a huge lack of high quality video content within the travel sector on the web. With the rise of HD Video DSLR cameras, professional filmmaking has now become affordable for all businesses.

Favourite destination so far Amazon Rainforest, Cusco, Shanghai, Salta
Bucket list destinations Mongolia, California, Honduras
Travelling playlist Stereophonics, Gustavo Santaolalla, Bob Dylan 

Toby Bennett

Camera Operator / Editor
I come from a photography and film background but have slowly been converted to recognise the developments of modern day digital equipment and embrace it wholeheartedly for the work that I do here at Travizeo. My fundamental role is to handle most of the leisure and hotel sector shoots by working closely with our clients on pre production planning, the shoot itself and post production. I’ve shot in some of the most amazing locations around and whilst I love what I do, the real enjoyment for me is being able to witness the Travizeo team compile my shots into the beautifully aesthetic videos our clients and their guests appreciate so much.

Favourite destination so far Greece, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Italy, New York.
Bucket list destinations Vancouver, San Francisco, Tokyo, Iceland, Cook Islands.
Travelling playlist Glitch Mob, Sublime, Sleepy Sun, Explosions In The Sky, Junip.